Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to make computer fast?

How to make computer fast?

This is really work in all type of PC and Laptops.Generally on our PC or Laptop system directly not use all the core of the processor.
by default system uses onle 1 core.but in actual our processor has more then 1 core.if we want to use this all cores of our processor then we follow the following steps.This is Really Works..Try it..

        Go to start menu->search


msconfig->open BOOT tab from it.

In the BOOT tab Click on the ADVANCE SETTING Button.

In Advance Setting Window there is 1 CHECKBOX---NUMBER OF PROCESSOR..check this BOX and so the below LISTBOx is  activated.

In LISTBOX select the ALL NUMBER OF PROCESSORS which in your system.

Finally your computer becomes faster than earlier..This is Really Works..Try it..   

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