Saturday, 2 November 2013

Features Of Android KitKat

Features Of Android KitKat

1) The new Phone (Dialer) app is now linked online with Google Maps. This means if your type Big Bazaar in Phone app (Not Search) and if that is not stored in your contacts then the Phone app will look for local Big Bazaar listing on Google Maps and return you their listed phone number which you can then dial.

2) When you receive a call from any local businesses listed on Google Maps then their names will be displayed in Caller ID automatically.

3) Android KitKat has a native SCREEN RECORDING app. Now this will help greatly to record all your steps as MP4 video and save it in the device itself. So high-quality device/app review videos, hands-on tutorial videos and screen(video)shots will be now very easy to create!

4) Will work on 512 MB RAM

5) You can speak "Ok Google" from Home Screen and read/write sms/email, play song/video, set reminders etc (Complete Touchless)

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